Bring out the lady, boss lady that is! Draya Michele talks new business ventures with Brianna Dahlquist

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Draya Michele

Photo Credit: Brianna Dahlquist

Down in the South where the women hustle just as hard as the men do, Gina Caliste is on to something. Her up and coming TV show “Bring Out the Lady”, directed by Nahala “Mr. Boomtown” Johnson alongside production manager Kelly Gray, hosted a media day at one of the hottest nightclubs in Atlanta. With an open bar sponsored by Sweet Bitch Wine, and music by R&B artist Scotty Cram, the mood at Diamonds of Atlanta was set. Invited media and members of the press enjoyed tasty refreshments while patiently waiting for the stars of the forthcoming show, Draya Michele and VH1’s “Hit the Floor” star, Rob Riley to start their press conference.

Once the conference began, the stars discussed their fascination with their characters, and how much fun they’ve been having while shooting the project. “Bring Out the Lady” is a realistic love story that will take it there, unapologetically.  Executive producer Gina Caliste also took the stage to explain the concept of her new show. She described the concept by stating that  “Love is all a game of chess and all of the characters are a piece”.

After the press conference, I was able to get a one on one exclusive with Draya Michele to discuss her latest role as “Miss Monroe” in the upcoming tv project. She also shared her thoughts on women empowerment and refusing to let the industry put her in a box. Check out the exclusive interview below:



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