K Camp’s Celebrity Basketball Game

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Photo Credit: HipHopSince1987

Rapper K Camp is known to keep it “1hunnid” , yes we know that. But what you probably didn’t know is that he has always been active in the Atlanta community. Don’t get it twisted, the Interscope Records rapper is always about his “Money Baby”, but this time it’s for his 3rd annual Campsgiving. Just in time for Thanksgiving, K Camp partnered up with  famous friends to create a star-studded  Celebrity Basketball Game for a good cause.

The basketball game in itself was great, you know that’s important to me. Let’s be real, not all entertainers can ball, or even dribble (laughs uncontrollably) but the line up clearly practiced. Some of his teammates included: DJ Duffey of Basketball Wives, Reec of Hot 107.9, and the WNBA star, Angel McCoughtry, to name a few.

My personal MVP was Rhodis Eason. Here is our One on One:


Why is it so important to give back to the community?

“At a time such as this, we must prepare our youth to be the movers and shakers of society. It is imperative that we present ourselves as positive role models, that can be a testimony of prevailing over the hardships of life. We serve as proof that you can come from anywhere or any situation and be what you want to be, through hard work and consistency. The youth of today are exposed so much to the real world… but aren’t receiving the tools to be able to survive in it. That’s why us rappers, entertainers, doctors, lawyers, etc. must come together and mold these young minds to aspire to be great.”

What piece of advice could you give to the youth here, specifically to the young Black men?

“Don’t be afraid to be different. A lot of us hesitate to let our inner selves blossom because of the societal box that is put around us. When really anybody who they idolize wouldn’t be who they are unless they separated themselves apart from the norm and distinguished themselves as an original. Be yourself, an orange can never be an apple so if there are significant things about yourself that make you who you are, let them blossom.”

What made you team up with K Camp? 

“I’ve known Camp for about 10 years now, and growing up we [my friends and his friends] would all play ball together, so it was only right that I teamed up with Camp to get the W. When I first heard about the game, and the fact that it would be at Osborne [High School], which is home to me, I had to see if I would have the chance to play. Luckily there was room on the roster!”

The giving didn’t stop there. K Camp held a free concert, but here’s the catch: You have to bring a toy or canned-food for entry. Hosted by Hip-Hop mogul, Kenny Burns  with special performances by Jeezy, Lloyd, and Boosie the concert was packed for sure. There was over 15,000 lbs of food donated and over 2,000 toys collected for the families. That’s what I call a job well done.

Special thanks to K Camp for allowing me to cover the game and Rhodis for granting me this interview! Be sure to follow Rhodis Eason and K Camp on IG.




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